Loyalty Bonus (Up to 10% Extra Discount)

The Loyalty Bonus is the practical assurance of our return to the customers who continue to prefer us.

The more a customer is shopping from www.evrima.gr, the more discount he/she gets for future shopping.

Starting at 2% discount when someone entered his first order and peaks at 10% when the total of all customer orders exceed 280 €.

A prerequisite for the Loyalty Bonus to aplly is to have a registered customer in the e-shop, meaning that you have to register an account, otherwise we cannot calculate the total amount of your orders.

The following table shows how the extra discount escalates depending on the total value of your orders:

Loyalty Bonus Table
Total of All Customer Orders Extra Discount
Less than 70 € +2%
70 € - 140 € +4%
140 € - 210 € +6%
210 € - 280 € +8%
More than 280 € +10%


1. We register for the first time in www.evrima.gr and place an order with value of 45 €. In our next order, we will have additional 2% discount.

2. We have orders totaling 120 €, so the next order will have an additional discount of 4%.

3. We added a large order worth 175 €, so the next order will have an additional discount of 6%.

4. After recording five small orders, we arrived at an overall total of 220 €. On the next 6th order you will have an additional discount of 8%.

5. Recently we surpassed the total amount of 280 €, from now on, even if you chose only one object, you will have an additional 10% discount.

Not applicable for customers who are already V.I.P. Customers, because they already have the maximum discount (10%).

Thank you for choosing us and we will do everything to offer you the best,

Team of evrima.gr


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