Find your Ring Size


Easily find your ring size using a string or a tape measure following this simple procedure:

1. Wrap your finger loosely with a string (or measure tape) to create a complete circle around it.

2. Mark with a pen on the string (or tape) the meeting point.

3. Reopen the string in a straight line.

4. Using a ruler, measure the length of the string in centimeters (cm). We measure from the beginning till the marked point. Therefore, we have the circle's perimeter which is the essentially the Ring size.

Note the measurement on a piece of paper and find the size of the ring corresponding to your finger with the help of the table below.

Important Note 

When trying to find the size of the ring is good to have in mind that: 

A. Your hands may not have the same size. Usually the "good" hand tends to be a little bigger.
This means that if you know the size of your ring you wear on one hand, it is possible that you can not wear the same size in the other hand.

B. A ring is preferably to be slightly larger than smaller. For example, if the measurement gives 5.36 cm (between 53 and 54), it is better to choose a ring size 54 than choosing 53.

C. Remember that your fingers may swell a little during the day or during the hottest days.

D. Remember to take into account the size of the finger joints over which the ring should pass.


Measurement (cm) Ring Size
4,4 44
4,5 45
4,6 46
4,7 47
4,8 48
4,9 49
5 50
5,1 51
5,2 52
5,3 53
5,4 54
5,5 55
5,6 56
5,7 57
5,8 58
5,9 59
6 60
6,1 61
6,2 62
6,3 63
6,4 64
6,5 65
6,6 66
6,7 67
6,8 68
6,9 69
7 70


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