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Click Away

Photographs from the inside of shop, ready to deliver. These images are our attempt to show you a reasonable number of items in the Click Away. These are pictures of the interior of the store and the method of consultation / ordering is as follows:

You see the specific image that contains several items and if you are interested in someone, call 210 2757666 or 6944846512 and talk to us. After you tell us which photo you are looking at, which is the object code, for example you are now looking at photo Click-Away-001, and we understand exactly which object you are interested in, we check its availability and inform you. There is 100% availability at the time the photo was taken, but this may have changed after a few days. We register your order, we send you a message on your mobile (SMS) and you come from the store to pick up.

At the same time, if there is no availability of this item, there is our second e-shop which is and all 99% are available to leave on the same day. Please take a look.

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