8 Reasons to choose us

1. Excellent service and customer satisfaction is our first priority.

2. The Return Rate is 0.01%, meaning that 99.99% of our customers remain absolutely happy.

3. Every purchase is covered by Money Back Guarantee. This shows the confidence that we have in our products and services.

4. The Loyalty Bonus is the practical assurance of our return to the customers who continue to prefer us. Starting at 2% discount when someone entered his first order and peaks at 10% when the total of all customer orders exceed 280 €.

5. Offers based on the number of items that you put in your cart. With two objects -> extra 5% discount. With three objects -> extra 10% discount.

6. Besides e-shop, we have three physical stores operating since 1985. Duration in time is one of our key features.

7. We are in a constant effort of renewal and expansion of our available brands.

8. We always try to offer you the latest technology and usability. Since 2014, the appearance and layout of the e-shop is adjusted depending on the size of the device used (PC, tablet, smartphone).


We thank you,
Team of evrima.gr


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